An astonishing country glorious with its well-balanced beauty
Both your body and your mind are sure to thank you – checked!
Aleksander Vinogradov
Traveler and guide

A free-spirited travel around Kyrgyzstan

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7-10 days

Groups from April to September
3 — 5

Number of people per group

7 days tour price
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Aleksander Vinogradov
Traveler and guide

What's on the program?

Horseback trip
Kyrgyzstan is a land of mountain pastures and horses. Many tourists compare it with Texas of the United States. Our group is going to start off on a horseback trip for a mountain lake.

We'll have a professional horseman guide and mountain horses at our service!
Mountain lake
Kyrgyzstan is a land of mountain lakes. The quantity of fresh water there is really amazing. We'll visit the world-famous Issyk-Kul lake and many other mountain lakes and huge water storage basins along our journey.
Life among nomads
Kyrgyzstan is a land of nomads. The Russian Empire and the Soviet Union changed the lifestyle of many of them to settled. But still many a citizen of that land live their lives as nomads.

Along our journey we'll meet real nomads. We will stay at their nomad tents (the yurts), watch their lifestyle and eat their healthy food: meet, koumiss (fermented mare's milk), ayran (cold yogurt beverage mixed with salt), scones, fruit and vegetables – right in their ripe seasons.
Unique beauty spots
We will see them a lot along our journey. We will explore places of picturesque wilderness, discover beautificent valleys, visit fertile fields and groves, climb the mountains.

A camera or even a common smartphone will enable you to take and enjoy lots of fantastic shots made by yourself.
Join us!
Recreation activities, cozy get-togethers, birdsong, banya (traditional bathing experience), fishing – and the wondrous world of Kyrgyzstan!
I'll provide you with everything you'll need for survival :)
Aleksander Vinogradov
Traveler and guide
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