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Aloha, comrades!

I'll start from afar

In my 30th with a tail, I visited 29 countries. Not much, some will say, but it is enough to digest the current reality with interest and even with a tail.
Kyrgyzstan Toktogul reservoir
Toktogul reservoir
In Central Asia, I realized that money is not the main thing for happiness. And the beauty of this world is measured by the height of the mountains and the breath of the living world.
The depth of culture and human kindness inspire stronger alcohol and drugs.

And if you fill all this with sports and good ecology, you get a great cocktail.
Kyrgyzstan under Karakol
under Karakol
Central Asia is not the most unique place that I will advise everyone you meet, no. In many ways, for me it became so due to the absence of a language barrier and a happy coincidence of a number of circumstances.

About which I will tell you later.
Uzbekistan Bukhara
Welcome to the USSR!
This is the title of a future article I will write.

What else will you find in this blog?
First of all, it will be notes, a sort of traveler diary. I will post my best photos, seasoning them with fresh, sometimes not well-established reflections.
Автостоп под Казарманом
hitchhiking under Kazarman
Sometimes it will seem to you that I describe the point of view of a person "on the other side". This will be the main signal for reflection and understanding of beauty in the versatility of this beautiful world.
В будущее!
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