We are going on a trip!

What to take to Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan?

List of required

Sleeping bag
To sleep in your place. Not necessarily very warm, although it depends on the tour and the season.

In other matters, it is not always needed. You can do without it.
Trekking poles
Medical insurance
I strongly recommend independently to issue a medical insurance. 5-6 days will not be expensive.

With active mountain trekking and little experience, insurance is required!
Trekking shoes
Sneakers / boots: waterproof, hard sole, fixed ankle, not heavy, reliable protector.

Shoes must be used.
Clothes and accessories
From the important: sports / trekking pants, thermal underwear, thin jacket with long sleeves to protect against wind and sun, shorts, warm socks, gloves, warm sweater, scarf, sunglasses.
Hat with wide brim or cap, warm hat, scarf and gloves.
In the case of the tour in Besh-Tash a good raincoat is mandatory.
Two backpacks or small one and a big suitcase
Small: 10-20 liters, for daily radial hikes and city walks required.
Large: 30-40 liters, for carrying basic things. We do not take him on radial hikes, we leave him at the base. You can take a suitcase or bag.
Or heat resistant bottle.
Lightweight and compact.
Индивидуальная аптечка
Individual first aid kit.
Sun and wind protection
Sunglasses and sunscreen (30-50 SPF).
Hygienic lipstick.
Soap, shampoo, small towel, toothbrush.