Questions and answers

Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan
What kind of equipment should I take?
Small and large backpack or suitcase. Trekking summer shoes, preferably with protection from heavy rain, walking sticks. The full list can be found at the link.
Airplane tickets
You'll need a flight to Bishkek/Osh/Dushanbe for the chosen date (you'd better take the flight that arrives in the morning hours). I'll meet you when you arrive.
You'll have to buy the tickets for your flight all by yourself, but after having discussed and settled all the details with me.
What is the best date for arrival and for booking the return ticket?
The arrival date should match the date the journey begins at. The return flight date may differ from the date the journey ends – it depends solely on your preferences and capabilities. You surely can stay for an extra day or two in big City.
If necessary, I'll find a way to make it possible for you to flight back a day or two before the journey's scheduled end. Anyway, all the dates and features should be talked over and settled in advance – before you purchase the return tickets.
What's the procedure for border crossing?
Whether you need a visa or not depends solely on your citizenship. In most cases it will be possible to get the visa on arrival.
How is the horse tour organized?
Each tourist rides on his own horse. The group is accompanied by a professional horse guide. The trip lasts about 4-5 hours. Initial training is not required.
Kirghiz people are one of the best horse riders in the world.
Paid on the spot separately, 15$-30$ for one day.
What level of physical activity should I expect? Are there any limitations by age?
Tours are different. I indicated load in the table on a scale of 1 to 3.

The trips involves lots of walking around, going upwards and downwards. Nevertheless, it's not a classic camping hike – all the trips are radial, one and rarely two days long. You will not have a heavy backpack encumbering you – only the most necessary things: food, water, camera/phone and personal belongings.

Anyway, physical fitness is welcome, but I'll tune the complexity and intensity of our route to fit the group.
What's the weather like at this time of year alongside our route?
September is supposed to be the most comfortable month for travelling around Kyrgyzstan.
Mid-August is warmer while October is cooler.
Japanese minivan and experienced driver.
Some times different drivers.
In the brutal mountains of Tajikistan local people drive mostly on the Nivas.
Sedans, pickups, horses, boats - all depending on the size and preferences of the group.
How and where does one get the health insurance?
You should obtain the health insurance by yourself. If anything happens to you – I'll do my best to help you. But, please, keep in mind that I bear no responsibility for your life and health. Therefore I strongly recommend you to obtain the health insurance.
What is the approximate sum for additional expenses?
Thanks to the fact that your travel expenses, night stays, breakfasts and suppers are included in the trip's cost, the additional expenses can stay really low. I would recommend to make an esteem of 100 - 300 $.
What currency should I keep my money for the trip in?
You can easily take world popular currencies with you – you'll be able to change them to the local currency along the journey. There are lots of ATMs along our way – you will be able to withdraw money from them.
Who will be in charge along our trip – you personally or some other person?
I will be your guide and will lead you along the trip.
I do not eat meat, will there be a way for me to substitute it with vegetables, cereals, fish or fruit?
Meat is the most popular meal. But there are ways to find some kind of substitution, I'll help you with that. There are lots of honey, bread, all kinds of fruits and vegetables as well as traditional pancakes (blini).
What about alcohol in our journey?
It is strictly forbidden along our journey. The only exception, when not only is it not forbidden, but is even welcome is the farewell day.