Guest reviews

Friends, thank you very much for your thoughts and deeds!
Olga and Bernd
Regensburg, Germany
This tour with Aleksandr has changed our perception of Central Asia entirely.
Incredible beauty of mountainous landscapes is closely intertwined with authentic lifestyle of the locals. Whole villages turn into nomads when summer comes and lead the same life as their ancestors did before the Christian Era.

We took home from the trip the fondest memories about the simple life that our kind hosts and their children have and wise thoughts about life they shared with us.
We thank Aleksandr for philosophy of travelling and good mood.
Janna Sadovaia
Vladivostok, Russia
I think everybody agrees that travelling is wonderful! Ten days in Kyrgyzstan passed by like one. Memories from the trip warm my soul. It's not just about stunning nature, but also about kind, friendly and open people who changed my view of humanity. Rich history of this land, hardworking people and their everyday life inspire respect for this small country. And of course I express my gratitude to our guide Aleksandr, who organized all this, because the road takes a significant amount of time, and the hot climate does not always take into account your plans and makes its own adjustments. Despite that Aleksandr made our trip as comfortable as possible not trying to save money on anything.

Amazing views of Sary-Chelek and Besh-Tash won't leave anybody indifferent. Even Kyrgyz people that we met by the mountain lake claimed that Sary-Chelek was much more beautiful than Issyk-kul.
Besh-Tash is a real treat for eyes and soul! Here you will see picturesque bucolic scenery, postcard-perfect mountains away from civilization and find peace for the soul and mind. What I mean is don't hesitate, because this trip is just what you need!
Gennadiy Melnikov
Moscow, Russia
Aleksandr, I want to thank you for organizing this exciting trip of Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan.
You perfectly planned the itinerary to show us unique places, beautiful nature, life of the local people as well as their hospitability, kindness and inquisitiveness.
We met young people eager to study and develop their country. Thank you!
Aigul and Marsel
France and Kyrgyzstan
Somewhat late, we want to express our gratitude for the trip in Kyrgyzstan It was a fascinating and wonderful trip. You showed me and my friend nature and the life of people in Kyrgyzstan. I'm really grateful to you, and I hope to meet you again. I will definitely recommend you to my relatives and friends. I wish you great trips and kind people in your life. You are very kind and polite to your guests. Thank you so much! And see you.

Aleksandr, all these words come from the bottom of my heart. I sincerely say that you truly are a good person, and you represent everything that, in my opinion, a real man should be. Your parents did a great job raising you. They should be proud.