Besh-Tash Nature Reserve Tour

Eco-tourism and life with nomads

Tour price — $470

small groups
From mid-June to late August
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Aleksandr Vinogradov
Your guide in Central Asia

Tour Highlights

No more bulky backpacks!
Forget about heavy backpacks and exhausting multi-day treks.

We are in for mountain hiking (1-day radial trips) and peak climbing with different difficulty levels.

Maximum altitude — 3,500 m.a.s.l.
Our camp altitude — 2,700 m.a.s.l.
Pure nature and traditions
It's a peaceful place not crowded with tourists away from beaten tracks, where people maintained their centuries-old culture and nomadic traditions.

Only natural and organic homemade food, koumiss (also spelled kumis or kumiss), milk and clear mountain water springs.

Koumiss therapy will be organized for you if you wish.
Children from 10 years old are welcome
Grasp this wonderful opportunity to show your child untouched beauty of nature.
What about Issyk-Kul?
A two-week vacation is quite enough for you to climb mountains and then relax on the shore of this iconic lake.
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Aleksandr Vinogradov
Your guide in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan

On the map

Day-by-Day Tour Itinerary

1. From Bishkek to Besh-Tash
First thing in the morning we set off to Talas. This region boasts its rich cultural heritage. Legends have it that epic hero Manas led Yenisei Kyrgyz tribes to this very land.
Here was born Chingiz Aytmatov, a distinguished writer.

Our destination is Besh-Tash nature reserve with total isolation from the outside world.

High in the mountains, we will be welcomed into a separate guest-yurt by hospitable livestock farmers.
2. A walk across the nature reserve
Average altitude of our camp is 2,700 m.a.s.l. That's why on our first day here we are going to have a leisurely walk to let our bodies acclimatize to high altitude.

On our way we'll see a few picturesque lakes and enjoy the views of a mountain gorge. We'll meet the dwellers of the valley — cattlemen and their herds of animals.

Lying on warm rocks heated by the sun on the shore of an alpine lake you will feel the absolute harmony of Kyrgyz nature.
3. Quest for "Heart" Lake
The hike up this day is not going to be easy. But what you eventually see is worth all the efforts and challenges.

A small heart-shaped mountain lake is hidden from prying eyes among the young Talas mountains. Just like older brothers they protect their little sister from all the "imperfections" of the outside world.

The more daring and well prepared group members will be able to reach the summit (3,500 m) to fully enjoy the breathtaking view from the top.
4. Horseback riding and cultural activities
On our 4th day we'll relax and discover the nomadic and farming culture of Kyrgyzstan.

You will see how daily life and farming household is organized, how natural farmer food products are made.

All those who want can mount a horse and go on a short 2-hour horse riding trip.
5. Another peak
Our final high-altitude hiking trip (3,500 m).

Two lakes, wild animals, birds and breathtaking views on adjacent mountain valleys.

This ascent is the most challenging one, so we can have a picturesque walk in a neighboring gorge instead.
6. Museum and bath-house
We will take a scenic route out of the nature reserve and head to the region's capital — the city of Talas.

There we'll visit Manas Ordo cultural complex and have insights into the history of the Kyrgyz people.

After that, if you want, you can go to a great public bath-house, which is a perfect way to recharge your body.

We will spend the evening with a big family of Kyrgyz farmers. Farming household, a bunch of kids and a welcoming table to sit around for a friendly talk.
7. Back to Bishkek
A scenic route and several high mountain passes including Töö Ashuu (also Teo-Ashuu or Camel Pass), which is notable for steep serpentine roads. In ancient times it was also one of the crucial mountain passes on the Great Silk Road.

Suusamyr Valley is the largest Alpine pasture of the USSR. Magnificent views of the northwestern Tian Shan.

At the end of the day we will arrive in Bishkek.
Tour price includes
Five nights in a yurt and one night at the farmer's family home.
All the journey, which includes Bishkek — Talas — Besh-Tash — Talas — Bishkek. Car: a Japanese minivan or a sedan with an experienced driver.
We'll have two proper sit-down meals in our yurt: breakfast and dinner.
We'll be also provided with some food for hike ups: traditional flat bread called lepeshka, jam and airan, which is a yogurt-like dairy product.

I recommend to take some snacks with you, like nuts, candy or protein bars.

What kind of food is there: various fresh meat dishes (lamb, beef), dairy products (koumiss, ayran, kaymak, homemade butter, kurut), freshly-baked bread, soups, porridges, vegetables, salads, pilaf.

On the first day of the tour in Talas, we'll have time to visit a local market to stock up with some food you like: fruit, nuts, candy bars.
This market trip is not included into the tour price.
Entrance tickets
Tickets to Manas cultural complex, bathhouse and Besh-Tash nature reserve are included into the tour price.
Guide services
I accompany you throughout the whole journey. We live, have trips and meals together.
The price does not include
Airline tickets to Bishkek.
Horseback riding
You'll need to pay for it separately in Besh-Tash nature reserve. It costs about $ 30.
A young horseman will accompany you on a 2-3-hour trip.
Or you can have two 1-hour trips on different days.
Airport transfer
Meet and Greet service as well as transfer from the airport can be discussed and arranged for an extra fee.
Health insurance
Tourists take out a travel health insurance themselves and pay for it separately. I strongly recommend you to get one.
It won't cost much if you take an insurance that covers only the time period of your tour.
It might come in quite handy.
Personal expenses
You'll need about $ 30-100 to buy a local SIM-card, nuts, dried fruit and souvenirs.